Seven Levels of Intimacy

1) Cliche Communication
In this part of the relationship, topics stick to the surface level.. Questions like, how are you? Here, communication does not go beyond these parameters..

2) Communication of Facts
Cliche communications move to the communication of facts,.. How’s the weather, the stock market, etc.. most relationships rotate between these two initial levels because we fear the third level of intimacy,.. This is why many relationships cycle through feelings of being stuck..

3) Opinions
This is when relationships start to get real.. Here we share our opinions with each other,.. Doing this requires vulnerability and trust… To move past it, we must understand and accept that others have different experiences than we do…
4) Hopes & Dreams
This level is feeling comfortable sharing those hopes and dreams with each other,.. At this level, we begin to share our own dreams and build them together…

5) Feelings
This is when we cultivate our ability to share our deepest feelings.. You wouldn’t share opinions and hopes plus dreams with someone you don’t feel comfortable with,.. The same is true for the sharing of feelings.. Being able to identify your own while also holding space for your partner to have separate feelings is key….

6) Thoughts, Fears and Failures
Here we feel comfortable sharing some of the darkest parts of who we are… Many of us have thoughts, fears, and failures we don’t want to confront alone,..,. Committing to sharing these with someone else requires a deep level of trust and vulnerability,.,.

7) Legitimate Needs
This is the highest level of intimacy… Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs are communicated.. Here two people can sit down and identify each unique set of needs,.. Then build a lifestyle that can accommodate both parties.. Because needs are constantly changing, this will need to be evaluated periodically…
We are all, we been through all we Love each other to the fullest,..




Life is but a Learning a Experience.. All that Taught in Life is Lessons Learned From…

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Gary (Teroso) Alvarez Sum

Gary (Teroso) Alvarez Sum

Life is but a Learning a Experience.. All that Taught in Life is Lessons Learned From…

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